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Traditionally, business travelers were the main users of corporate housing. However, corporate lodging has since gained popularity with a broad cross-section of people in need of short-term housing accommodations. Corporate housing has also become popular for relocating employees, automotive industry, interns, healthcare, personal, military personnel and entertainment. See all the industries that use corporate housing, and why it's the right fit for everyone!


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Automotive Industry
Corporate Housing

The automotive industry in the Southeast has boomed over the last 26 years. Manufacturers like Mercedes, Honda, Hyundai, and Kia have all opened new production lines right here in Alabama. Support companies such as Kamtek and Johnson Controls have followed the thriving automotive industry to be close to their production lines.

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Business Travler

Corporate Business Travelers

Premier Living is a business traveler’s best friend when it comes to finding a short-term place to stay. Not only are our accommodations cost effective, it is more comfortable than a hotel room – even an extended stay hotel room. The rate will be less, and you will not have the hassle of checking in and out due to our flexible lease options.

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Corporate Housing Companies

Premier Living Suites assists “many” national corporate housing companies to meet their customers needs. For Example, an important client needs a short-term solution in an area where they currently don’t have inventory. Premier Living provides a solution to satisfy those requests.

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Entertainment Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing


Birmingham, AL has become quit an attraction spot for major motion pictures or entertainment productions companies. Premier Living Suites has worked with many entertainment companies and understands tight budgets, hectic schedules, and the need for above-and-beyond accommodations fit for an A-list stars, cast and crews!

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Governmnt and Military Extended Stay

Government & Military Extended Stay

Premier Living Suites is proud to service to our Government and military personnel. Corporate housing is particularly useful for reassigned service members and their families. You can temporarily try out a neighborhood while selling their old house or finding a new house. There’s no pressure to buy or rent a new home immediately, because there’s no lease to break.

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Healthcare Accommodatons

Healthcare Short-Term Accommodations

Families often seek out short-term accommodations for healthcare related surgeries and therapies. Like a house or apartment, corporate housing offers a high level of privacy and features just like the comforts of home. And with the growth of healthcare industries, there’s is a demand for extended stays for professionals  attending conferences, trainings, and other healthcare-related travel as well.

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HR Employee's Relocaton

Human Resource Employee's Relocation

One of the more difficult tasks Human Resource Managers face on a daily basis is the complex handling of their company’s employee relocations. Premier Living Suites offers quality short-term solutions while employees and new-hires search for a permanent residence. Our experts at Premier Living Suites not only help meet and exceed the expectations of your employees, we help alleviate the stresses of being away from home with high-quality furnished apartments and superior customer service.

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Insurance Agencies Extended Stays

Insurance Covers Corporate Housing

It’s a situation none of us wants to think about, but occasionally homes do get destroyed or rendered uninhabitable by fire or natural disaster.  Instead of defaulting to a hotel, you and your family can stay in a fully furnished luxury apartment provided by Premier Living Suites. This option gives your family plenty of space and all the comforts of home — not to mention any additional amenities offered by the apartment complex — and your insurance company will love it because it usually costs significantly less than a hotel stay.

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Interns Month to Month Rentals

Interns Extended Stay

Maybe you just graduated, or perhaps you’re testing the waters between the years of attaining your undergraduate degree. Whatever your reasons for seeking and landing an internship opportunity, if it involves relocating, then finding a temporary home in a new city may be your biggest concern of the moment. Many companies are realizing that offering partial or fully covered housing and even, in some cases, relocation assistance for interns, is a best practice that sets them apart from the competition, who may all be seeking to attract the best and brightest for their internship programs.

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